About us

Turing Capital has a multidisciplinary team that has been investing in cryptoassets since 2012. Our professionals have experience in entrepreneurship and software development in the blockchain space, in addition to more than 15 years of experience in wealth management.
We deliver the future to our clients.


Our mission is to develop investment solutions that enable our clients to gain exposure to digital assets in a safe and secure manner.



Through frequent reports, our investors are not only provided with information on their investment performance, but also on the general market situation. In addition, with our educational content, presentations and workshops, we help them to better understand the underlying of their investment.


Our team of professionals with 27 years of combined experience in cryptoassets uses the most advanced analytical techniques and technologies to always be at the forefront of digital asset investment strategies, taking advantage of normally inaccessible investment opportunities.


Our team of multidisciplinary professionals is always available to answer your questions. Understanding our clients' needs is fundamental to establishing a relationship of maximum trust.


Our discipline in processes, security and investment methodology ensures the utmost diligence when deciding on investment opportunities. Turing Capital always looks after the safety of its clients above all else.


Co-founder & CEO
Jorge Schnura
Co-founder & COO
Javier Garay
Partner & CRO
Diego Álvarez
Partner & CTO
Miguel Nicolás
Director - Brokerage
Leopoldo Moreno
Director - Market Making
Alvaro Gómez
Investor Relations & BD
Luis Echegoyen
Director - Quantitative R&D
Francisco J. Cervera
Quant Analyst
Alejandro Roigé

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